Friday, December 16, 2016

Warmest Wishes
For the Holiday Season!
It’s always a great feeling to wrap up the semester with a heartfelt thank you to parents, students and staff who made our counseling activities worthwhile and successful.  The counselors had a wonderful time discussing setting the pathway toward College and Career exploration with “College:  Making it Happen” Night!  We’ve also had enormous success in meeting with students about setting goals for the semester.
To continue on with the spirit of academic achievement, we’d like to share a few tidbits of information for the end of the semester:
·        First semester grades are coming out on Friday, December 16.  These are the grades that will be counted towards credit on their transcript.  Remember that students will be given credit for passing grades of D grade or Higher.  Total credits needed for promotion:  21 credits
Here are the promotion requirements:
English Language Arts (4 semester credits)     
   English 7 (2), English 8(2)
Math (4 semester credits)
   Integrated Math 7 (2), Integrated Math 8 (2)
PE  (4 semester credits)
   PE 7 (2), PE 8 (2)
Science (4 semester credits)
   General Science 1 (2), General Science 2 (2)
Social Science (4 semester credits)
   World Cultures (2), US History (2)
Elective (1 semester credit)
   (D Grade or Better)
Here are some points of information about the California Junior Scholarship Federation.  Hilltop Middle School provides a recognition program for students with academic accomplishments.
To qualify for CJSF membership students must follow these guidelines:
--  Membership is based on 3 semester grades.  Students must qualify both semesters of 7th grade and the first semester of 8th grade.
-- You must earn TWICE the number of points in scholarship classes than courses in which you are enrolled that meet membership requirements.
--CJSF points are granted as follows:  A=3 points, B=1 point, C=0 points
·        Earning a “D” or “F” grade in academic or citizenship including AR will prohibit student from membership.
B.  Also remember:
PE, Art, Student Aide, Computers, Band, Workshop, Music classes, AR and any other electives (except World Languages and Avid) do not count as points.
An application form must be turned by the student to their counselor for point verification at the end of every semester.  Those who qualify receive an Honor Member certificate during 8th grade awards ceremony and an honor seal is placed on the promotion certificate.

On behalf of the counseling center, we would like to wish you a happy holiday season and a restful break with your friends and family.