Thursday, November 17, 2016

In Complete Gratitude

As November comes to a close, the counseling center is in complete gratitude for all of the parents, teachers, students and staff who have supported our efforts to support students in this transition period from Elementary to High School.  Our goal is for our students to be successful in high school and beyond.  Some of what the counselors do include:

·         Adhere to ASCA national standards:  Academic Counseling, College and Career Counseling, Personal/Social Emotional Counseling
·         Facilitate Student Conflict Mediations
·         Make contact through parent/teacher/student conferences
·         Inform parents of academic interventions
·         Provide referrals for individual and group counseling
·         Meet with D &F Students
·         One-on-One counseling regarding peer relationships, family dynamics, school problems
·         Input courses for all caseload; master schedule
·         Provide an orientation for newly enrolled students and their families
·         Participate in Compact for Success activities and early college planning
·         Facilitate referrals to outside agencies for additional support
·         Provide Credit Checks for students
·         Identify students for credit recovery
·         Handle transcript evaluations
·         Conduct presentations about education essentials, incoming feeder school presentations, college and careers, and A-G requirements.         Register  students for classes.  Identify qualifying students for CJSF.
·         Participate in SST, PLC, middle school curriculum, and district meetings

On behalf of the counseling center, have a wonderful Thanksgiving Week Break with your loved ones!!!