Thursday, February 9, 2017

Welcoming 2017 and Celebrating Counselor Appreciation Week

January and February Currents

The Hilltop Middle Counseling Center is welcoming the New Year with good energy and lots of activities.  We are doing our feeder school visits, tackling pre-registration, attending our important district Counselor meetings and helping our students navigate (academically and personally/socially) through second semester.
High School Counselors are currently registering the incoming 9th grade students for the upcoming school year.  Additionally, we are also registering our incoming 8th graders on February 23.  Parents, please ask for paperwork needed for registration.
Please be aware that our next progress report is Thursday, Feb. 16.
Check out the valuable academic interventions available to our students:
Academic Enrichment Center (AEC):  AEC is an afterschool program designed to give students an opportunity to complete missing and/or incomplete missing assignments.  Students are assigned AEC through their teachers.  Students may also attend for homework help from college tutors.
Target tutoring:  Target tutoring is an intervention for Special Ed (RSP) and English Learners (EL) who may need targeted tutoring.
RSP Tutoring:  ROOM 806 (Mon.-Thurs.) 3:10-4:10 PM
EL Tutoring:  Room 802 (Mon.-Thurs.) 7:30-8:00 AM
English Academy:  Room 209 (Saturday) 8-12:00 PM
FLAGS tutoring:  Please check schedule
Credit Recovery:  Credit recovery is for students who failed a class/classes needed for 8th grade promotion.  Students need to complete a total of 60 hours including 40 hours of seat time and 20 hours of independent study work.  Please note that after two hours absences, students are dropped from credit recovery.  A passing grade is a “D” or higher to earn credit.  Dates and times vary for subjects.  Please consult calendars/contracts obtained by students or go to the main office for a complete schedule. 
Spring Credit Recovery Schedule: (8th grade)
General Science :  Room 607 (February 9th to April 18)
Math:  Room 408 (February 6th to March 22)
ELA :  Room 402 (February 11th to May 13th)
Social Science:  Room 106 (March 11th to April 29)
Counselor Appreciation Week
February 7-10: Last but not least, thank you for all of your well wishes on Counselor Appreciation Week.  On behalf of the HTM counseling team, we are so appreciative and blessed to have a  job that supports students well-being.  It is our hope that we motivate our students to be the best that they can be!!!