Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Counseling center, HTM

HTM | 44 East J | Chula Vista | CA 91910

Semester 2 2018
As the end of the school year comes to an end, the counseling center is busy with registration and promotion.   Here are a couple of reminders for the end of school year:
·          Please remember that semester grades are very important for middle school promotion requirements.  Students must pass all courses with a “D” or higher, have 21 credits in order to be eligible for the promotion certificate. 
·          Summer school is offered to current 7th grade students who received an F in a core subject for semester 1 and semester 2 grades.
·         Summer school dates:  
  June 11-June 29th, 2018
   8:00-1:30 PM
From all the dedicated staff of the counseling center, we wish you a safe and fun summer!

·          Academic Improvement Plans

·         EOC Exams:  May 25-May 30 (8th grade)

·         EOC Exams:  June 1-June 5

(7th grade)

·          Promotion:  June 5th, 2018




Here are the promotion requirements:
English Language Arts (4 semester credits)          
      English 7 (2), English 8(2)
Math (4 semester credits)
      Integrated Math 7 (2), Integrated Math 8 (2)
PE  (4 semester credits)
      PE 7 (2), PE 8 (2)
Science (4 semester credits)
      General Science 1 (2), General Science 2 (2)
Social Science (4 semester credits)
      World Cultures (2), US History (2)
Elective (1 semester credit)
      (D Grade or Better)

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